Monday, May 29, 2017


alicia and isabella

jeff, jim, teague

jeff and jim

southern comfort

tuff stuff gets locked out a lot

marcus skates hard

marcus is in there

awesome crew





timmy paddling out

timmy on his day of birth


tim and b rett

after a long night

awesome crew

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mickeyOphoto 3

ryan b 
shane o insane o and b rett from malibu

tuff stuff, first show

frenchies night out with the acid droppers

zander blunted the shit out of it

and did this three times

epic life moment

good friends good view

following not my friends around hollywood

they aint shy

holland cain and heath kirchart


marcus is always energized

adam hunington and hinanos

frenchie in her natural habitat

the gangs all here

too bad the band broke up

goran and holland, taco night

an hour at the pier just waiting for one person to stand up

when the crew drives across the country and makes it to the end

"hey hula hoop girl!"

stereo typical

rip to marcus' whip

mickeyOphoto 2

sky and sky

broahs b day

baca, daniel and squirrel

bracken when the bus is about to be here

travis and malcolm

matt smith photo

marcus in his happy place

zjskate teamwork with marcus and john

not sure of these homies names

only legit pros that will come out of V park

sand gap sighting of spanky

neck and koston was there, too. holland is hyped

they pressure wash this every morning to get them to leave, not this day tho


nick matthews is awesome

tower 26

tower 26

venice pier

roman friday is a great friend to have

and i get hyped everytime i see him

right after lemmy left

rip dobeys trap pants